Britney’s Snatch

Topping the list of today’s most controversial Hollywood celebrities would be Britney Spears. No matter who you set up against her, when it comes to the Paparazzi’s favorite prey to swarm on, she would still be the top choice. The last 5 years obviously had been one hell of roller coaster ride for her career and personal life. Who would ever forget her hair shaving episode, her battle against K Fed for the custody for the kids, her battle to keep herself from all the bad publicity, and her numerous snatch shots? But then again, any kind of publicity is still a publicity, right? Now here is one publicity shot that became a worldwide favorite from


More about Britney in the next post…

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“The” Playmates 3

Today I will launch the first ever edition of this blog en titled “Playboy Trackback.” I’m so proud of myself from having thought of it that I figuratively patted myself in the back. *Snickers* Anyway, what better way to launch this portion than to feature the first ever “Playmate of the Month?” No, it’s not Marilyn Monroe, some have mistaken her as that. Marilyn was just the “Sweetheart of the Month” in 1954 . The first ever “Playmate of the Month” was actually Margie Harrison who was also the first ever Playboy centerfold. She also appeared in the men’s magazine Follies and Gala.


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Legally Bare

Who would have thought that the blond sorority leader in the movie “Legally Blonde” and the naive little rich girl from the controversial movie “Cruel Intentions” have already bared her perky cans in the big screen? Reese Witherspoon is often perceived as the wholesome type but once you see her movie Twilight (1998). Your perception of this cute blond will totally change.



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Another Lucky Bastard

A number of men had their share of pole stimulating moments with the Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole brought about by her sizzling pictures in Playboy magazine last year. Now you might wonder who is the lucky bloke who had the pleasure of dipping his… mouth on her sensual lips? Well this is who:


For those who doesn’t know him, this guy is the TV celebrity Brody Jenner star of the series “Princes of Malibu” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” I don’t really have much details about how long they have been going out but this couple sure wasted no time in showing off their prowess to go public about their affection. They have been spotted dozens of time smooching in public. Let’s just leave to our imaginations what they do when the cams are not around.



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The Kat of Tom

Personally I was surprised when I read about the engagement of TomKat. Next to Dakota Fanning, Katie Holmes is the last person that I expect to tie the knots with Tom Cruise. But after seeing Katie Holmes naked pictures, I can’t blame Tom Cruise for getting hitched with this hotty after only being in a relationship for 2 months. They had a Scientology marriage ceremony in a Medieval Castle in Italy. Katie Holmes started out as “Joey Potter” in the hit Teen series Dawson’s Creek, winning the role by sending her audition tape via fed ex. Now, she is getting more media attention than what she has bargained for.

katieholmes naked


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“The” Playmates 2

When you say the word Playboy magazine the ultimate person is still (and will always be) Pamela Anderson. No matter how many times she went on top of the table, no matter how many rock stars she slept with, no matter how many men she marries and no matter how many times she take off and on her silicons, she is still THE Pamela Anderson. Pam was in her early 20’s when she signed her contract with Playboy Magazine, she first became the covergirl on October 1989 edition and became the playmate of the month in their Feb 1990 issue. She have since appeared countless times in Playboy magazine.




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Jessica Simpson Still Hot Under those Mommy Pants?

Of course everyone was astounded to spot the latest pics of Jessica Simpson sporting a high waist jeans over her more “curvaceous” body. This new look stirred both surfers and the entertainment industry as to how it has gotten to this in so little time. A site asked the opinion of their followers about Jessica’s weight and to that, one replied “Dang, I’d still do her…” I’m sure a lot of you feels the same way. Whether or not you share his opinion, it’s nice to know that you still get to spot pics like these strewn around the internet. As for her weight issues, who cares? I’m sure a lot of men out there has at one time or another wanked off with her as their muse.

jessica simpson hot picture

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The Playmates 1

There is no doubt that being a Playboy Playmate has been one of the most sought after title in the adult industry. It started a following from millions of fans all over the world after it’s first issue decades of years ago. To open up this section on Miss World XXX, let us present you with Jayde Nichole, last year’s Playmate of the Year. This Canadian model was January 2007’s Playmate of the month she was proclaimed the Playmate of the Year the following year.




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Babies and Lohan

Ms. Botswana who won the Miss Universe title in 1994 was asked whether the winner of the title should be allowed to keep the crown if she gets pregnant. To that she replied: “Personally, I think it should not in any way interrupt her duties. She should be allowed to celebrate her femininity.”

And what better way to celebrate femininity than to carry 8 kids in your belly? That’s right, eight babies! The news have hit the international news scene a few days ago and people have been curious as to how the hell it happened. I won’t be surprised if the babies end up claustrophobic when they grow up cause hell it ought to be really really cramped in there…

But just when you think that’s astounding, get ready for this. Even before she bore 8 bouncing babies, this woman already had six babies! No, not six individual babies -quintuplets! Now that’s girl power.

I wish the parents good luck and congratulations. They should wish that none of them would grow up to become like lesbo Lindsay whose career is just like her weight — totally going down on the scale. According to reports, the movie she was supposed to star in was given to “Mean Girls” star Amanda Seyfried. Looks like we will be getting a lot of naughty showbiz pics from Lindsay Lohan again pretty soon.

And to that dear Lindsey, we are looking forward to…


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What’s in your head, dammit?!

Consentual SexFunny home videos are a click away

If only the legal community of every country would take this seriously, sex would have been so much more hassle free. There won’t be emotional fuss, no awkward moments during the actual sex and, you both know each other’s boundaries.

The problem of most couples’ sex life today is the lack of communication. Though not a lot of people claim not to agreeing with this idea, it is a fact. The bastard might think that the woman is sooo into his asshole when in fact she is petrified by his wolf hole. The bitch on the other hand might think that he is sooo turned on with her hairy vajungle when in fact, he feels like getting a razor blade and slashing off all those pubes whenever he goes down there. But the thing is, people have this tendencies of not speaking up because they are afraid of getting each others’ fantasy balloons busted. In the process, one might think that if the partner doesn’t feel like doing naughty favors for him, why bother doing the same for her? And vise versa.. So basically, that’s when the give and take mentality comes in. The simple psycho-analysis for that is; while people do things, they are imagining how much stimulation their acts produce for their partners while they are in the act of doing it. Plus, the thought of their partners getting pleased boosts each others egos. Their sexual excitement increases if they feel that their partners are getting excited with their performance.

So if for example you meet someone in an online dating site, and things get deeper between the two of you, be aware of the value of honesty. For whatever its worth.

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